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We have now added a close out section filled with items that our vendors will no longer carry.

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1.Jade Bracelets  2.Hematite Bracelets 3.Magnetic Bracelets 4.Mag/Cateye Bracelets 

5.Crystal Bracelets 6. 14KT Bracelets  7.Turquoise Bracelets 8. Memory Bracelets

9.Name Bracelets  New Bracelets


10.Cateye Neckalces   11.Heishi Necklaces   12.Heishi Necklaces   13.Bone Necklaces

14.Hematite Necklaces  15.Hematite Necklaces  16.Necklaces  17.Magnetic Necklaces

18.Pearl Necklaces  19.Turquoise Necklaces  20.Tiger Eye Necklaces


19.Crystal Earrings  20.Mixed Earrings  21.Mixed Earrings   22.Mixed Earrings   23.Hematite Earrings

24.Hematite Earrings  25.Hematite Earrings  26.Hematite Earrings  27.Hematite Earrings 

28.Black Earrings  29.Bone Earrings 30.Mixed Earrings 31.Silver Earrings  32.Mixed Earrings

33.GoldFilled Earrings  34.Silver Earrings  35.Silver Earrings


36.Garnet Rings 37.Onyx Rings  38.Onyx Rings  39.Amethyst Rings  40.Malachite Rings 

41.Pearl Rings  42.Turquoise Rings 43.Amber Rings 44.GoldstoneRings  45.Ruby Rings

46.Tigereye Rings  47.Aquamine Rings 48.Marcasite Rings  49.Marcasite  50.Marcasite

51.Hematite Rings  52.Diamond CZ Rings  53.CZ Rings  54.Gemstone Rings  55.Poison Rings

56.Band Rings  57.Band Rings  58.Assorted Rings  59.Assorted Rings  60.Assorted Rings

61.Assorted Rings  62.Assorted Rings  63.Toe Rings  64.Toe Rings Name Rings  Men Rings


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68.Silver 71.Brooches  72.Stone Bracelets  73.Silver Bracelets


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